Deepen Learning with Cultural Heritage Month Bulletin Boards and Emails
A successful diversity effort is multi-layered and ongoing. Our monthly cultural heritage bulletin board and email programs reinforce learning sessions and extend participant learning. The programs are based on the nationally recognized cultural heritage months. 

Nationally recognized heritage months highlight the heritage and history of major groups in the U.S. that historically have been marginalized. Or, students can get creative with diversity related themes of their own.​

Bulletin Board Program

The bulletin board program can take a number of approaches, including:

  • A group of students meets together during out-of-school time to develop the content for and assemble the boards, led by a Socha consultant.

  • A Socha consultant coordinates adult volunteers to develop the content for and assemble the boards.

  • A Socha consultant teaches an in-school high school level elective class in which students study each month's subject matter in-depth and develop the content for and assemble the boards, assisting younger students to provide some content for the boards.

  • A Socha consultant develops content for, and assembles the boards independently.

  • Teachers discuss the board content with students in the hallway for a learning change-of-pace.
National Monthly Observances

September 15- October 15: National Hispanic Heritage Month
October: National Italian American Heritage Month; National Disability Employment Awareness Month
November: National American Indian & Alaskan Native Heritage Month
December: No national month. Option: A variety of fall/winter holidays including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years (Western and Eastern celebrations)
January: No national month. Option: Where Did Our Sports Originate? 
February: National Black History Month
March: National Women’s History Month + National Irish American Heritage Month
April: Disability and Autism Awareness;  Earth/environmental issues
May: National Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month + National Jewish American Heritage Month
June: National LGBT Pride Month + Caribbean American Heritage Month 
Reinforcement Emails

Reinforcement emails can follow the monthly heritage month theme, and/or can be customized to relate to the client's individual needs and focus.

Contact us today to learn more about our training reinforcement programs.
Skill and Knowledge Acquisition

Our bulletin board program develops knowledge and skills in the areas of social studies, math, art, and teamwork. 
The focus of the program is social studies

Participants develop content highlighting historically significant events, individuals, geography, and cultural contributions in Architecture, Art, Athletics, Business, Civil Rights, Education, Entertainment, Food, Literature, Music, Philanthropy, Public Service, Science, Technology, and Religion.

Participants use math to measure and calculate layout parameters. Student artwork is featured on the boards. Additional artistic skills include color choice, selection of photographs, spatial layout, and border design.

Program leaders help participants build teamwork as they listen to each other, acknowledge each other, make joint decisions, make and carry through on commitments, and celebrate their success.

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