What people are saying about Socha diversity sessions

"Engaging and inspiring." 
"Fresh and relevant." 
"Enjoyable yet thought-provoking." 
"I am beginning to see people in a different light."
"I'm so glad that I attended because it helped me to be more aware of personal feelings that I didn't realize were there." 
Socha session participants discuss their insights.

Senior trainer Jeanae Beal leads the Socha diversity session segment "Use the Problem."

Verrrry interesting!
Why Does Your Organization Need Socha Diversity + Effectiveness Learning?

Fact: People vary from one another in many ways.
Fact: Highly motivated diverse teams are more productive. 
Fact: Underutilized diversity = under-performance.
Fact: Socha diversity + effectiveness learning programs provide enhanced diversity
  knowledge and skills that allow you to SOw, Cultivate, and HArvest your 
  organization's full potential.

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Our diversity handbook is recommended by the Washington State School Directors' Association, the Kansas Psychological Association, and the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences at the The College of William and Mary.   More info here.
“The Socha program has been a hit with our employees. Presenter Jeanae Beal brings a wonderful balance of professional experience and a dynamic, engaging presentation style.”

-Margaret Miller
Director of Professional Learning
Birdville ISD
New! Our Culturally Compatible Education learning series provides tools and strategies for improving educational outcomes for many African American, Asian American, Latino, and American Indian students. 
Senior trainer Jeanae Beal leads a Socha diversity session.
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